Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm. One of the things that have led to the adoption of AI is the higher demand from several industries. Applications like supply chain management, medical imaging, robotics, financial analysis, advertising, and web-based applications, among others, are being fully integrated by the use of AI. Artificial intelligence, more commonly known as AI, has been a highly debated topic over the past few years. Some have said that AI will help mankind overcome all the current problems. Meanwhile, many skeptics have claimed that AI will lead mankind to destruction. In this video, we will explore AI in terms of both the positive and negative effects. We will also look at the future of AI in 2022.

Why Should We Care About AI. The Future of AI in 2022

The demand for artificial intelligence has rapidly increased over the last few years. China has also invested heavily into this technology. The Chinese government has plans to spend 20 billion yuan over five years, by 2020. In January 2017, the Chinese government allocated $600 million to a five-year plan that supports development of intelligent technologies in the fields of voice, visual, speech, and animation. Demand for AI has also increased in China, as companies have realised that the technology provides a lot of potential advantages. Despite of the ongoing debate about the privacy of the data that these systems collect, companies are gearing up for the arrival of this technology.

Artificial Intelligence in Health

Industrial applications, such as healthcare, banking and financial services, retail, insurance, telecommunications, and manufacturing, require access to large amounts of data in real-time to drive major competitive advantages. Machine learning, which uses data to build knowledge and predictions, is playing a key role in managing and optimizing these operations. IBM Watson, among others, help these companies to increase revenue and predict customer behaviour. The Future of Big Data AI is already changing the future of big data in the current healthcare system. A trend towards three-dimensional images and biometric sensing will also accelerate this process. Machine learning tools will be used to provide deeper insights into these images, and consequently, produce more actionable insights.

Artificial Intelligence in Transportation

Predictions by experts predicts that in 2022, more people will get to see self-driving cars. Current Technology with the help of artificial intelligence enables Uber to launch the self-driving Uber Freight, that uses A.I. technology and data to automatically find loads to haul and optimize routes. Artificial Intelligence is the future, and it is here now, and it has been a long time coming. What are some of the implications of this new technology. It’s hard to say. Every week, new innovations are bringing about new technological advancements and processes, and at the moment, it’s hard to pinpoint which will lead to new job opportunities or processes that will improve the future of our society.

Artificial Intelligence in Education

For the past several decades, the advent of the internet has empowered our education system. Online learning platforms have effectively transformed the way we conduct research. In fact, there have been several AI-powered learning technologies that have surfaced. These technologies, such as The BlueBlackthorn, VoiceSeer, and Speebot, have been developed for learning purposes. Currently, the market for online learning platforms is pegged at around $500 million.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

AI is an emerging technology with vast scope and offers immense potential in marketing. The field of marketing is entirely based on creative data analysis and it can be harnessed to achieve its full potential through AI. In the near future, even the mundane task of making a decision on what advertisements to release or what kind of content to post will be automated. Artificial intelligence is the future of marketing and brands will want to give it a try as it will allow them to create more relevant and innovative marketing strategies. Marketers have spent their entire career trying to figure out why people buy things, and now they will be able to actually spend more time communicating with them and developing new products and services.


The current state of technology has created a demand for Artificial Intelligence. It has become the cornerstone for growth and innovation in every sector of the global economy. Thus, companies are employing Artificial Intelligence to enhance their human capabilities and to increase the bottom line. Artificial Intelligence technology is helping organizations to evolve by aiding in the planning, forecasting, and analysis of their business models and operations. Other fields of AI research also include machine learning and speech recognition, autonomous and collaborative robots, and autonomous vehicles. Thus, the future of artificial intelligence looks very bright. But how exactly do companies and individuals get started.

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