Are you struggling with the enormous amount of daily administrative work associated with procurement contracts?

Imagine a software that can automate your entire RFQ process at least 20 times faster with 100% global consistency. And improve your success rate by 25 – 30% at the same time.

Well, it’s time to take a smarter approach to manage and streamline your business.

Introducing Supply Logic 365. A full suite of cloud-based software solutions specifically designed and developed for the Ship Supply Industry.

With an embedded AI and ML engine, Supply Logic 365 automates your processes from end to end for all your supply chain management, orders fulfilment, financing, procurement and logistics needs. Some of our core capabilities includes

  1. Robotic Process Automation (SLRPA)

    When you received the RFQ from your customers, our Robotic Process Automation (SLRPA) will automatically grab the RFQs from all the different sources and translate them into useful big data, back to the system. The key takeaway here is that this process automation greatly reduce the processing time for the RFQs as compared to human effort.

  2. Automate RFQ Sales Processes

    Sale Contract allows you to create fixed price agreement with your suppliers. With this fixed price agreement, you can save the hassle to ask your suppliers on the pricing again and again whenever you receive an enquiry on that particular item.

    Vendor Comparison allows you to compare all the incoming submitted quotes from your JIT suppliers at one glance. All pricing from the suppliers will be coloured coded based on the lowest or the highest theoretical price so that you can make your selection easily.

  3. Operation Management

    It is integrated with MPA to allow you to know where to deliver for the vessel in real time based on the anchorage and docking points.

  4. Smart Warehouse Management System

    The Smart Warehouse Management System comes with a Warehouse Visualiser which basically visualize your entire warehouse so that you will know where your products have been stored including the overall areas available for storage together with the Zone and Bin segmentation.

  5. Smart Inventory Management

    An Electronic Pick & Put feature where you can use a mobile app to keep track on where the items are physically stored and whether you’re picking the item in a first in first out policy.

In a single solution, Supply Logic 365 provides a platform that gives you the freedom, flexibility and security to work from anywhere and integrates with all of your existing business applications.

Contact us now to find out how Supply Logic 365 can help your business to save time, money, and increase revenue.

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